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Language Builder

People are not “memorizing machines.”
Language is best learned by living.

Language Builder provides classes to students from age 7 and up.

Solid Foundation

teen students playing Chinese language Japordyteen students working on a class activity togetherLanguage Builder teaches Chinese language skills starting from the ground up, from the inside out. In our small-sized classes, we guide students in finding the most effective ways to learn by utilizing their own talents.

New vocabularies are presented in practical situations. Students naturally connect these words and usages to their own experiences in their own lives. During the fun class activities, students encourage each other to share their thoughts and feelings. This is a safe space for everyone to experiment with their new skills, and find new and effective ways to communicate with their teachers and classmates.


adult student going over this week's vocabularies with the help of computerAnother way to help students succeed is by using Pin-Yin (spelling Chinese phonetically). People often find that writing is the hardest part of learning Chinese. They spent most of their energy writing the characters, while the joy and focus of their literary pursuit falls secondary.

With Pin-Yin, students can write in Chinese on the computer as soon as they are ready. This eliminates frustration and gives them the freedom to learn the art of Chinese hand writing at their own pace.

Learning Wise

teen student working on the computer exercisesFor each of our students, we provide a set of IQChinese learning software. This program assists students in building lasting brain connections by linking new words with what they see, hear, say, and type.

As students complete the steps for each lesson, they can easily see their own progress. With this comes self-confidence and respect for themselves and others in the classroom. This respect then blossoms into appreciation for all people and cultures.

Life Enrichment

adult student practicing with the instructor Understanding a culture is the only way to apply a language with ease and eloquence. Although Language Builder concentrates on the Chinese language and culture, we prepare our students with the tools and enthusiasm necessary to learn all new things, new languages, new cultures, and meet interesting people.

We teach that learning is not something you only do in school - our students leave with lasting skills and a joy for learning that will enrich their lives as they go out and explore the world.

Schedule and More

To find out about the current class selections, schedules, and fees, see the Register for Classes page. If you would like us to help you choose the most suitable class, please feel free to talk with us.