eLearning Chinese Studio: learn Chinese like the Chinese.

Polliwog Enrichment Series

At eLearning Chinese Studio, we see each student as a unique individual. Our class activities are designed to guide students in self-discovery, while enhancing their social skills and self-confidence.students and teacher playing a game

In each small-sized class, students enthusiastically discover their own talents while appreciating the genius in others.

For our students to apply Chinese naturally, we communicate with them as though Chinese is their native language. Instead of teaching by bits and pieces, we incorporate vocabularies into our conversations, as we would in our daily lives.

Preparatory Polliwog Program (Ages 3.5+)

students talking and listeningBased on our Pre-K program, Preparatory Polliwog Program (PPW)expands into areas such as math concepts, science observations, community & cultural awareness, with the intention to broaden students’ world view.

Through out the course, students participate in interactive reading activities and hands-on projects by utilizing Chinese with the culture practices in a natural setting.

Polliwog Enrichment (Ages 5–7)

students playing the counting game In the Polliwog Enrichment program, other than strengthening students’ daily conversation skills, we will also be introducing basic Chinese characters.

Class reading and hands-on activities are designed with themes involving numbers, families, body parts, colors and shapes, math, natural science, community, holidays and more.

Schedule and More

For current class selections, schedules, and fees, see the Register for Classes page. If you would like us to help you choose the most suitable class, please feel free to talk with us.